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Fahrenheit (M) (Type)
Fahrenheit 32 (M) (Type)
Fantasy (L) (Type)
Fendi (L) (Type)
Fendi (M) (Type)
Fierce A & F (M) (Type)
First (L) (Type)
Flower Bomb (L) (Type)
Forbidden Fruit (L) (Type)
Frankincense (U) (Sudanese)
Frankincense (U) (Tunisian)
Fresh Oh So Fresh (U)
French Plumeria (U) (Superior II)
Fubu (U) (Type)
G. Franco Ferre (M) (Type)
Gardenia (U) (African Jungle)
Ginger Hawaiian (U) (Superior II)
Giorgio (L) (Type)
Giorgio (M) (Type)
Givenchy Gentleman (M) (Type)
Givenchy Pour Homme (M) (Type)
Glamorous (L) (Type)
Glow J. Lo (L) (Type)
Goddess (L) (Type)
Golden Goddess (L) (Type)
Goodlife (M) (Type)
Grape Rasberry (U) (Superior II)
Grapefruit (Superior II)
Green Tea (L) (Type)
Grey Flannel (M) (Type)
Gucci (L) (Type)
Gucci (M) (Type)
Gucci Envy (L) (Type)
Gucci Envy (M) (Type)
Gucci Pour Homme #2 (M) (Type)
Gucci Rush (L) (Type)
Gucci Rush (M) (Type)
Guava Papaya (U) (Superior II)
H.Mori Magical Moon (L) (Type)
H2O (C. Herrera) (L) (Type)
Habit Rouge (M) (Type)
Halston (L) (Type)
Halston Z-14 (M) (Type)
Hanae Mori (L) (Type)
Hanae Mori (M) (Type)
Happy (L) (Type)
Happy (M) (Type)
Happy Heart (L) (Type)
Havana (M) (Type)
Heavenly Dream Angel (L) (Type)
Heavenly Dream Divine (L) (Type)
Heavenly Dream Halo (L) (Type)
Higher Dior (M) (Type)
Heiress Hilton (L) (Type)
Honey (U) (Tunisian)
Honey Musk (U) (Moroccan)
Honey Rain (U) (African)
Honeysuckle (U) (Egyptian)
Hot & Juicy (U) (Superior II)
Hot Chocolate (U) (Superior II)
Hot Couture (L) (Type)
Hugo Boss (L) (Type)
Hugo Boss (M) (Type)
Hugo Boss Soul (M) (Type)
Hugo Boss Dark Blue (M) (Type)
Hugo Deep Red (L) (Type)
Hugo Energize (M) (Type)
Hummer (M) (Type)
Hypnose (L) (Type)
Hypnotic Poison (L) (Type)
I Love to Love! (L) (Type)
Ibiza Hippi (L) (Type)
Iceberg (M) (Type)
Iceberg Twice (M) (Type)
In Control (L) (Type)
Indecense (L) (Type)
Insurrection (M) (Type)
Intuition (L) (Type)
Intuition (M) (Type)
Island Kiss (Escada) (L) (Type)
Issy Blue (M) (Type)
Issy Intense (M) (Type)
Issy Miyake L'Eau D'Issy (L) (Type)
Issy Miyake (M) (Type)
J. Varvatos Vintage (M) (Type)
J.Lo Glow After Dark (L) (Type)
J.Lo Live (L) (Type)
J.Lo Live Luxe (L) (Type)
J.Lo Love At First Glow (L) (Type)
J.Lo Still (L) (Type)
J.P.G Cool (M) (Type)
J.P. Gaultier (L) (Type)
J.P. Gaultier (M) (Type)
J.P. Gaultier (M) #2 (Type)
Jacomo (M) (Type)
J'Adore (L) (Type)
Jaguar (M) (Type)
Jaipur (L) (Type)
Jaipur (M) (Type)
Jamaican Fruits (U) (Type)
Janat Ferdous (U) (Arabian)
Janat Mawa (U) (Superior II)
Janat Naim (U) (Tunisian)
Jasmin (U) (Egyptian)
Jay-Z (M) (Type)
Jazz (M) (Type)
Jeans, Black (M) (Type)
Jeans, Blue (M) (Type)
Jeans, Red (L) (Type)
Jessica Mcclintock (L) (Type)
Jojoba Oil (Pure) (U) (Natural Extract)
Joop (M) (Type)
Joy (L) (Type)
Juicy Couture (L) (Type)
K. Cole Black (L) (Type)
K. Cole White (L) (Type)
K.C. (RSVP) (M) (Type)
K.C. Reaction (L) (Type)
K.C. Reaction (M) (Type)
K.C. Signature (M) (Type)
Kenneth Cole (L) (Type)
Kenneth Cole Black (M) (Type)
Kenneth Cole (M) (Type)
Kenzo (M) (Type)
Kenzo Flowers (L) (Type)
Kiwi-Melon (U) (Tunisian)
Kiss Me All Over (U) (Type)
Knowing (L) (Type)
Kors Island (L) (Type)
Kouros (M) (Type)
Kush (U) (Oriental)
L.A.M.B. (G.S.) (L) (Type)
Lacoste (L) (Type)
Lacoste (M) (Type)
Lacoste Essential (M) (Type)
Lacoste Inspiration (L) (Type)
Lagerfeld (M) (Type)
L'Air Du Temp (L) (Type)
LA'Rose Angel (L) (Type)
Latitude & Longitude (M) (Type)
Lauren (L) (Type)
Lavender (U) (English)
Lavender (U) (French)
Lemon Base (U) (French)
Lick Me All Over (U) (Superior II)
Lily Of The Valley (U) (African)
Lime (U) (French)
Liz Claiborne (L) (Type)
Lolita Lempicka (L) (Type)

L De Lolita Lempicka (W) (Type)

Lotus Chinese (U) (Superior II)
Lou-Lou (L) (Type)
Love Spell (L) (Type)
Lovely (L) (Type)
Lucky 6 (L) (Type)
Lucky 6 (M) (Type)
Lucky You (L) (Type)
Lucky You (M) (Type)
M.Carey (L) (Type)
M. Jacobs Daisy (L) (Type)
M. Jacobs Essence (L) (Type)
M. Jordan II (M) (Type)
M. Jordan Jump 1 (M) (Type)
Madame Rochas (L) (Type)
Magie Noire (L) (Type)
Magnetism (L) (Type)
Magnetism (M) (Type)
Mambo (L) (Type)
Mambo (M) (Type)
Mandarin (U) (Oriental)
Mango (U) (Superior II)
Mango Butter (U) (Superior II)
Mango-Kiwi (U) (African)
Mango-Peach (U) (African)
Mania (L) (Type)
Mania (M) (Type)
Marc Jacobs (L) (Type)
Marc Jacobs (M) (Type)
Mediterranean Fig
Miami Glow (L) (Type)
Michael Kors (L) (Type)
Michael Kors (M) (Type)
Midnight Fantasy (L) (Type)
Miracles (L) (Type)
Miracles (M) (Type)
Moments (L) (Type)
Moneyhouse (U) (Superior II)
Moschino Cheap & Chic (L) (Type)
Musk (U) African (African)
Musk (U) Almadina (Almadina)
Musk (U) Arabian (Arabian)
Musk (U) China (China)
Musk (U) Egyptian (Egyptian)
Musk (U) Oriental (Oriental)
Musk, Baby Powder (U) (Musk)
Musk, E.Superior (U) (Indian)
Musk, Green (U) (African)
Musk, Jovan (U) (Type)
Musk, Pearl Egyptian 24K (U) (Superior II)
Musk, Red Egyptian (U) (Superior II)
Musk, Tropical (U) (Superior II)
Musk, White (U) (Tunisian)
My Queen (L) (Type)
Myrrh (U) Moroccan (Moroccan)
Myrrh (U) Tunisian (Tunisian)
Nag-Champa (U) (Indian)
Narcisco Rodriguez For Her (L) (Type)
Narcisse (L) (Type)
Nautica (M) (Type)
Nautica Voyage (M) (Type)
Nicole Miller (L) (Type)
Nicole Miller (M) (Type)
Night Queen (L) (Type)
Noa (L) (Type)
Nour (U) (Oriental)
Nude (Bill Blass) (L) (Type)
NV YSL (L) (Type)

Obsession (L) (Type)
Obsession (M) (Type)
Obsession Night (M) (Type)
Ocean Breeze (Superior II)
Ocean Dreams (L) (Type)
Oh Boy (M) (Type)
Ombre Rose (L) (Type)
One Love (U) (Type)
Opium (Blk) Unisex (Tunisian)
Opium (M) (Type)
Opium, Ladies (L) (Type)
Orange Blossom (U) (Tunisian)
Organza (L) (Type)
Oscar (L) (Type)
Oud (Imported) (U) (Arabian)
Oxygen (L) (Type)
Oxygen (M) (Type)
P.E. 360 Degrees (L) (Type)
P.E. 360 Degrees (M) (Type)
P.E Portfolio (M) (Type)
Paco (M) (Type)
Pacific Paradise (L) (Type)
Paloma (L) (Type)
Papaya (U) (West Indian)
Paris (L) (Type)
Paris Hilton (L) (Type)
Paris Hilton (M) (Type)
Paris Hilton Just Me (L) (Type)
Passion (L) (Type)
Passion (M) (Type)
Passion Fruit (U) (Superior II)
Patchouli (U) Tunisian (Tunisian)
Patti Labelle (L) (Type)
Patti Labelle Girlfriend (L) (Type)
Paul Sebastian (M) (Type)
Peach (U)
Pear (U) (African)
Peppermint (U) (French)
Perry Ellis (L) (Type)
Phat Farm (U) (Type)
Phat Pharm Atman (M) (Type)
Pheromone (L) (Type)
Photo (M) (Type)
PI (M) (Type)
Pimp Juice (U) (Superior II)
Pink (L) (Type)
Pink Sugar (L) (Type)
Pink Panteeze (L) (Superior II)
Platinum (M) (Type)
Platinum Unforgivable (M) (Type)
Pleasures (L) (Type)
Pleasures (M) (Type)
Pleasures Delight (L) (Type)
Poeme (L) (Type)
Poison (L) (Type)
Polo (M) (Type)
Polo Black (M) (Type)
Polo Blue (L) (Type)
Polo Blue (M) (Type)
Polo Double Black (M) (Type)
Polo Explorer (M) (Type)
Polo Sport (L) (Type)
Polo Sport (M) (Type)
Prada (L) (Type)
Prada (M) (Type)
Precious Jewel (L) (Type)
Prescense Mt. Blanc (M) (Type)
Prince 3121 (L) (Type)
Private Collection (L) (Type)
Privilege (L) (Type)
Provacative (L) (Type)
Pure (L) (Type)
Pure Shea Butter Oil (U) (Type)
Pure Turquoise (L) (Type)
Purple Orchids (Eternity CK) (L) (Type)
Pussy(Cat) (U) (Superior II)
Quorom (M) (Type)
R. L. Style (L) (Type)
R. L. Hot (L) (Type)
R. Canali (M) (Type)
R.Cavalli Serpentine (L) (Type)
Rain China (U) (Superior II)
Ralph (L) (Type)
Ralph (M) (Type)
Raspberry - Guava (U) (W.I.)
Realities (L) (Type)
Realm (M) (Type)
Red Beverly Hills (L) (Type)
Red Beverly Hills (M) (Type)
Red Door (L) (Type)
Rive Gauche (L) (Type)
Rive Gauche (M) (Type)
River Of Honey (U) (Superior II)
Roasted Cinnamon Vanilla (U)
Rochas Man (M) (Type)
Rocobar Joop (M) (Type)
Romance (L) (Type)
Romance (M) (Type)
Romance.Silver (M) (Type)
Rose (U) (Arabian)
Rose (U) (Somalian)
Rosemary (U) (Tunisian)
Royal Bain De Champagne (M) (Type)
S & M (U) (Superior II)
Safari (L) (Type)
Safari (M) (Type)
Samsara (L) (Type)
Sand & Sable (L) (Type)
Sandlewood (U) (Arabian)
Sandlewood (U) (Egyptian)
Sandlewood (U) (Indian)
Sandlewood (U) (Tunisian)
Sean John (M) (Type)
Sensi (Armani) (L) (Type)
Sensual (L) (Type)
Sex on the Beach (U) (Superior II)
Sexual Healing (U) (Superior II)
Sexy Graffiti (L) (Type)
Shalimar (L) (Type)
Shi (L) (Type)
Sonia Rykiel Rose (L) (Type)
Spanish Lemon Verbena
Spearmint (U) (U.S.A.)
Spellbound (L) (Type)
Stella (L) (Type)
Strawberry (U) (French)
Strawberry-Mango (U) (W.I.)
Strawberry -Melon (U) (Superior II)
Sun, Moon & Stars (L) (Type)
Sunflowers (L) (Type)
Sung (L) (Type)
Sung (M) (Type)
Supreme Gardenia (Superior II)
Sweet Cravings (L) (Type)
Sweet Smell Of Success (L) (Type)
Swiss Army (M) (Type)
Tender Touch (L) (Type)
Tendre Poison (L) (Type)
T.F. Black Orchid (L) (Type)
Tommy (M) (Type)
Tommy Bahamas (L) (Type)
Tommy Bahamas (M) (Type)
Tommy Dreaming (L) (Type)
Tommy Girl (L) (Type)
Tommy10 (L) (Type)
Tommy10 (M) (Type)
Tommy, Freedom (L) (Type)
Tommy, Freedom (M) (Type)
Touch (L) (Type)
Tresor (L) (Type)
Tropical Punch (L) (Type)
Trouble (L) (Type)
True Star (L) (Type)
True Star Gold (L) (Type)
Truth (L) (Type)
Tsar (M) (Type)
Tuscany (L) (Type)
Unforgivable (M) (Type)
Unforgivable (L) (Type)
Usher (L) (Type)
Usher (M) (Type)
V.W. Princess (L) (Type)
V.W Truly Pink (L) (Type)
V/S Coconut Temptations (L) (Type)
V/S Eau Fraiche (M) (Type)
Valentino Rock-N-Rose (L) (Type)
Vanilla (U) (African)
Vanilla Wood (Superior II)
Vanilla Yummy (U) (French)
Vera Wang (L) (Type)
Vera Wang (M) (Type)
Versace, Dreamer (M) (Type)
Versace, V/S (L) (Type)
Very Irresistible (L) (Type)
Very Sexy (L) (Type)
Very Sexy (M) (Type)
Victoria Secret (L) (Type)
Violet (U) (African)
Watermelon (U) (Base)
Weekend (L) (Type)
Weekend (M) (Type)
Wet Kisses (U) (Superior II)
White Diamonds (Brown) (L) (Type)
White Diamonds (L) (Type)
White Linen (L) (Type)
Wings (L) (Type)
With Love (L) (Type)
Wings (M) (Type)
Wintergreen (U)
X-Centric (M) (Type)
Youth Dew (L) (Type)
Ysatis (L) (Type)
Yum Yum Eat Em Up (U) (Superior II)
Yves St. Laurent (M) (Type)

Yves St. Laurent Limbre  Homme
Zanzibar (M) (Type)
Zicky (M) (Type)

21 Le Fou Dolce & Gabbana Type (M)

24KT Jivago (L) (Type)
24KT Jivago (M) (Type)
273 Beverly Hills (L) (Type)
273 Beverly Hills (M) (Type)
360 Red (L) (Type)
360 Black (M) (Type)
5Th Avenue (L) (Type)

AB Spirit Millionaire Lomani Type (M)

Abercombie & Fitch Wakely Type (W)

Abercrombie & Fitch 8 Type (W)

Acqua Di Sale Profumum Type (W)

Acqua Fiorentina Creed Type (W)

Apple Enchanted by B&BW Type (W)

A.B Blue Seduction (M) (Type)

Addict (L) (Type)
Adrenaline (M) (Type)
African Black Love (U) (Superior II)
African Gold Black (U) (Superior II)
African Plum Fantasy (U) (African)
Alien (L) (Type)
Allure (L) (Type)
Allure (M) (Type)
Almond (U) (Tunisian)
Amarige Givenchy (L) (Type)
Amazing Grace (L) (Type)
Amber (U) (Tunisian)
Amber Nude Y. Dew (L) (Type)
Amber White (L) (Type)
Amor, Amor (L) (Type)
Anais (L) (Type)
Angel (L) (Type)
Angel (M) (Type)
Animale (M) (Type)
Anucci (M) (Type)
Aphrodisia (U) (Type)
Apple Green (U) (Superior II)
Apple, Sweet (U) (Superior II)
Apricot Kiwi (U) (Superior II)
Aqua Di Gio (L) (Type)
Aqua Di Gio (M) (Type)
Arabian Knights (U) (Arabian)
Aramis (M) (Type)
Aramis Life (M) (Type)
Armani (He Emporio) (M) (Type)
Armani (M) (Type)
Armani Attitude (M) (Type)
Armani Black Code (M) (Type)
Armani (She Emporio) (L) (Type)
Aromatic Elixir (L) (Type)
Aromatonic (L) (Type)
Aspen (M) (Type)
Attraction (L) (Type)
Axe for Him (M) (Type)
Axe Unlimited (M) (Type)
Azzaro (M) (Type)
Azzaro Onyx (M) (Type)
Baby Powder (U) (Musk)
Baby Powder Love (U) (Type)
Baldassini Hugo (M) (Type)
Banana Parfait (U) (African)
Basic Instinct (L) (Type)

Black Diamond Canali Type (M)

Blu Notte Bvlgari Type (M)

Bois Du Portugal Creed Type (M)

Burberry Body Tender Type (W)

BCBG Sexy (L) (Type)

Be Delicious (L) (Type)
Be Delicious (M) (Type)
Be Delicious Nights (L) (Type)
Be Delicious Red (L) (Type)
Beautiful (L) (Type)
Beautiful Love (L) (Type)
Believe (L) (Type)
Bergamont (U) (West African)
Beyond Paradise (L) (Type)
Bijan (L) (Type)
Bijan (M) (Type)
Bill Blass (M) (Type)
Black Code (L) (Type)
Black Man Unique (M) (Type)
Black Woman Unique (L) (Type)
Blackberry (U) (African)
Blue Nile (U) (Tunisian)
Blueberry (U) (French)

Bombshell Diamonds by VS Type (W)

Boss Nuit Hugo Boss Type (W)

Bottega Venata Type (W)

Brilliant Citrus by BBW Type (W)

Bob Macki (L) (Type)
Bob Macki (M) (Type)
Bob Marley (M) (Type)
Body (L) (Type)
Body & Soul (L) (Type)
Bond #9 Chelsea Flowers (L) (Type)
Bond #9 West NYC (M) (Type)
Booty Call (U) (Superior II)
Bora Bora (L) (Type)
Bora Bora (M) (Type)
Boucheron (L) (Type)
Boucheron (M) (Type)
Breathless (L) (Type)
Bright Crystals Versace (L) (Type)
Brown Sugar (U) (Superior II)
Bulgari (L) (Type)
Bulgari Black (M) (Type)
Bump & Grind (U) (Superior II)
Burberry's (L) (Type)
Burberry's (M) (Type)
Burberry's Brit (L) (Type)
Burberry London (L) (Type)
Burberry Sport (U) (Type)
Burberry Touch (M) (Type)

Bvlgari Type (W)

CK Beauty Type (W)

Chrome Summer Type (M)

C. Santana (M) (Type)

C.Spring Flower (L) (Type)

Canali Type (M)

Cartier De Lune Type (W)

Cabotine (L) (Type)
Calvin Klein (M) (Type)
Calyx (L) (Type)
Can Can Paris (L) (Type)
Candies (L) (Type)
Candies (M) (Type)
Carolina Herrera (L) (Type)
Carolina Herrera (M) (Type)
Carolina Herrera 212 (L) (Type)
Carolina Herrera 212 (M) (Type)
Cartier (M) (Type)
Casmir (L) (Type)
Casual (L) (Type)
Cerrutti Image (M) (Type)
Champagne Y.S.L. (L) (Type)
Chances (L) (Type)
Chanel (M) (Type)
Chanel #5 (L) (Type)
Cherry Wild (U) (African)
Cherry, Black (U) (African)
Chinese Flowers (U) (Oriental)
Chloe (L) (Type)
Chrome (M) (Type)
Chrome Legend (M) (Type)
Cigar (M) (Type)
Cinnamon (U) (French)
Cinnamon Spice (U) (Superior II)
Ck-1 (U) (Type)
Ck-Be (U) (Type)
CK-IN2U (L) (Type)
CK-MAN (M) (Type)
Clean Cotton (U) (Type)
Coach (L) (Type)
Coco (L) (Type)
Coco Mademoiselle (L) (Type)
Coco Mango (U) (Tunisian)
Coconut (U) (Sudanese)
Coconut (U) West Indian (West Indian)
Coconut Cream (U) (French)
Contradiction (L) (Type)
Contradiction (M) (Type)

Coach Love Type (W)

Coach Summer Type (W)

Cool Water (L) (Type)
Cool Water (M) (Type)
Cool Water Frozen (L) (Type)
Cool Water Frozen (M) (Type)
Copenhagen (M) (Type)
Covet by SJP (L) (Type)
Crave (M) (Type)
Creed Silver MT. (M) (Type)
Creed Virgin Island Water (L) (Type)
Cucumber (U) (French)
Curve (L) (Type)
Curious (L) (Type)
Curve (M) (Type)
Curve Chill (L) (Type)
Curve Chill (M) (Type)
Curve Crush (L) (Type)
Curve Crush (M) (Type)
Curve Kicks (M) (Type)
Curve Soul (L) (Type)
Curve Soul (M) (Type)
Curve Wave (L) (Type)
D&G (L) (Type)
D&G (M) (Type)
D&G Femme (L) (Type)
D&G Light Blue (L) (Type)
D&G Light Blue (M) (Type)
D&G Masculine (M) (Type)
D&G Sicily (L) (Type)
D&G The One (L) (Type)
Dazzling Gold (L) (Type)
Dazzling Silver (L) (Type)
Declaration (M) (Type)
Delicious (L) (Type)
Delicious Pussy cat (U) (Type)
Design (L) (Type)
Design (M) (Type)
Desire (M) (Type)
Dewberry (U) (African)
Diesel Fuel for Life (L) (Type)
Diesel Plus (M) (Type)
Diamond Princess Trina (L) (Type)
Diorissimo (L) (Type)
DKNY (L) (Type)
DKNY (M) (Type)
DKNY 2000 (L) (Type)
DKNY 2000 (M) (Type)
DKNY Cashmere Mist (L) (Type)
DKNY Gold (L) (Type)
Drakkar (M) (Type)
Drakkar X-Treme (M) (Type)
Driven Black (M) (Type)
Dune (L) (Type)
Dunhill Edition (M) (Type)
E. Bauer Adventurer (M) (Type)
E.Tracy (L) (Type)
Eat Em Up (U) (Superior II)
Eat It Raw (U) (Superior II)
Echo (L) (Type)
Egyptian Rose (Superior II)
El 'Bacio (L) (Type)
Emporio Diamonds (L) (Type)
Escada (L) (Type)
Escada Rockin Rio (L) (Type)
Escape (L) (Type)
Escape (M) (Type)
Estee (L) (Type)
Eternity (L) (Type)
Eternity (M) (Type)
Eucalyptus (U) (French)
Euphoria (L) (Type)
Euphoria (M) (Type)
Extravagance D'Amarige (L) (Type)
Superior II Punch (Superior II)


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4- 1/3oz bottles   $31.96

5- 1/3oz bottles   $39.95

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